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About the UK Municipal Bonds Agency Plc

What is the UK Municipal Bonds Agency Plc?

The UK Municipal Bonds Agency Plc helps local councils to finance their investment in projects, including infrastructure and housing, efficiently and cost effectively. The UK Municipal Bonds Agency Plc is a first for the sector. It issues bonds to finance local authority projects at a lower cost than the Debt Management Office. This lowers council’s finance cost, which means more can be invested into local economies, infrastructure and housing projects. The UK Municipal Bonds Agency Plc helps councils borrow from one another, there by reducing borrowing costs. It helps councils negotiate better rates from banks, pension funds and insurance companies. The agency also acts as a centre of expertise, offering tailored lending services.

How does theUK Municipal Bonds Agency Plc work?

The UK Municipal Bonds Agency Plc raises finance by issuing municipal bonds to capital markets. Drawing on extensive expertise, it creates the type of bonds that are attractive to investors and at an interest rate that is appealing to local councils.

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The UK Municipal Bonds Agency Plc was established in June 2014, with the primary purpose of reducing local authority financing costs by:

  • Issuing bonds in the capital markets and on-lending to councils.
  • Lending between councils.
  • Sourcing funding from 3rd party sources, and on-lending to councils.
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